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Carol Corriveau-Truchon
Muskoka / Parry Sound Catholic Schools Trustee

Nurturing faith, illuminating minds, inspiring hearts, and empowering hands ~ we are working together to transform the world.

Our Board has eight trustees who represent the diverse Catholic school communities in Simcoe County and the District of Muskoka.

Today, people listen more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if they do listen to teachers, it is because they are first witnesses.
Pope Paul VI

Last month I mentioned the online consultation being conducted by the Ministry of Education at At the time only the open submission portal was open. If you visit the site any time before December 15, 2018, the online survey will also be open. You can also register for telephone town halls by completing your contact information. The information gathered will shape the government’s education policies going forward; now is your chance to have your say!

Parent engagement is one of the cornerstones to student success. It will look different for each family. For some it will mean volunteering in the school and participating on Catholic School and Community Councils. For others it will mean reading to their children each night and taking time over dinner to talk about their day. If you would like to read more about this, please visit the People for Education website and search “parent engagement”:

On November 22nd and 23rd, parents will have the opportunity to meet with classroom teachers at the elementary schools in Muskoka and Parry Sound. This is a great chance to see your child’s classroom and have them show you around the school.

As the days get shorter, I hope that you will stay warm and enjoy some time with your loved ones.

God Bless,
Carol Corriveau-Truchon


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