Trustee Newsletter

Carol Corriveau-Truchon
Muskoka / Parry Sound Catholic Schools Trustee

Nurturing faith, illuminating minds, inspiring hearts, and empowering hands ~ we are working together to transform the world.

Our Board has eight trustees who represent the diverse Catholic school communities in Simcoe County and the District of Muskoka.

Even the littlest and weakest person has a gift for the community, and that gift must be honored. Each one of us is very different one from the other. But all together we are like a symphony, an orchestra; all together we make a beautiful bouquet of flowers. That means, however, that we must learn to live difference, to see it as a treasure and not as a threat.
 - Jean Vanier

Welcome back! I hope that all of you enjoyed time with those you love most over the Christmas Break. It is truly a “Winter Wonderland” outside now. At the December meeting of the Board of Trustees, I was honoured to be elected Chair of the Board. This means that in addition to my responsibilities as a Trustee, I will preside over the Board Meetings, act as spokesperson for the Board of Trustees and represent the Board at public functions. I will still look forward to attending school functions, like masses, fundraisers and Catholic School and Community Council Meetings so that I have the chance to interact with the students and families that I have been blessed to meet over the years. As Chair, I will also attend functions in communities outside of Muskoka and Parry Sound.

I hope to see many of you at St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School on Thursday January 19th for the Parent Information Night. As a parent I can tell you that my children thrived at St. Dom’s. They formed lasting friendships and bonds with staff and students that have helped them to find success at university and in the careers they followed after post-secondary. The amazing staff, small class sizes, leadership opportunities and Catholic curriculum helped them develop into caring adults. Come and learn about what St. Dom’s can offer your children!

God Bless,
Carol Corriveau-Truchon


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