Ms. Forsyth

Paige Forsyth has worked at St. Dominic for a total of ten years as a Social Studies, Hospitality, and Religion Teacher, and most recently as Chaplaincy Team Leader. After graduating from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay with a Bachelor's degree in Geography/History, and a Bachelor of Education Degree in Intermediate Senior, she began her teaching degree in Northern Thailand and taught there for a total of 7 years.  While working at St. Dominic for the last 10 years, she completed a Master's Degree in Religious Education through part time study from St. Augustine's Seminary at the University of Toronto in 2011.  Since then she has enjoyed sharing her love of religion and social justice as Chaplaincy Team Leader.  Ms. Forsyth loves serving the communities of Muskoka and Parry Sound through teaching and learning and is so thankful that she is able to do that through a Catholic lens here at St. Dominic.