Student Transportation

Students are able take the bus to and from school if the distance they travel one way is greater than 1.6 kilometres (for elementary students), and 3.2 kilometres (for high school students).

Riding the bus is an important part of your child's school experience. We want to ensure that all of our students are made to feel as safe and as comfortable as possible. This requires the support of parents, students and all members of our community who use the roads when school buses are in operation.

Know Your Weather Zone
know your zone
The Simcoe County Transportation Consortium has developed "Inclement Weather Zones. There are four weather zones - North, South, Central and West - that would allow for partial bus cancellations during inclement weather. For example, buses could be canceled in one zone, but continue running in the remaining three zones. St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School, Monsignor Michael O'Leary Catholic School, and St. Mary's Catholic School in Huntsville are included with the Trillium Lakelands School District, for transportation and inclement weather purposes.

School Bus Service During Inclement Weather

When weather conditions become severe, we make special arrangements to ensure students are safe.

Please keep the following in mind when we experience severe weather conditions:

  • When the decision to cancel buses has been made due to severe weather conditions, an announcement will be put on our Board's website, the local radio and television stations
  • It is important to note that when buses have been cancelled in the morning they will not run in the afternoon
  • From time to time during the school year, individual buses may be cancelled or running late. Please ensure you know your child's bus number and bus company name since this will be announced on this website and the local radio stations
  • On inclement weather days, please click this link to our Board's website Home Page to get the latest updates. Local radio stations and other media broadcasts will also report late buses and cancellations. It is important to avoid calling our school, the Transportation Consortium or the media outlets as their lines get tied up. The Board website at and media outlets will provide regular updates.