Alumni Reflections

As a student, I was encouraged by staff and peers to take on new challenges and explore leadership opportunities within the school and the wider community. These core values streamline through many facets of student life and beyond. I was able to participate in a wide variety of sports, join a peer support team, organize orientations for new students, take part in a student exchange to Spain, and travel internationally to Peru as part of a social justice initiative. Simply put, in four short years, the options for youth to develop academically, personally, and spiritually are insurmountable.

But don’t think you’re done with St.Dominic’s when you graduate. That network and support team that helped shape you as a teenager are invested in your future and well-being as an adult. The travel opportunities I took part in during high school encouraged me to study abroad for a year in Scotland during University. The leadership, motivation,and confidence instilled in me by St. Dominic’s inspired me to take chances, move provinces, and make exciting career decisions.

Six years later and I still stop by to check-in on staff and friends within the school. Why? Because that is what St.Dominic’s is about. That school takes you beyond the curriculum; beyond all boundaries that traditional educational institutions define. It makes YOU a part of a life-long community. I am proud and blessed to be alumni of St.Dominic Catholic Secondary School.


Adam Frederick