"The last two years have been really tough ones in our home. Previously attending an exceptionally larger school, my daughter felt lost in the shuffle and had experienced some significant bullying. Mornings were dreadful, fighting to get her to go to school. She was very withdrawn and just not her usual self. We finally made the decision as a family to try St. Dominic's – smaller class sizes, Catholic values, and a strong sense of community were all things my daughter needed to get her back on track. Within her first two weeks the shift in her attitude and demeanor was like night and day. Mornings were full of laughter, she was ready and happy to go to school. She made friends right away and really connected with her teachers. Every day she would come home excitedly telling me about her day at the new school she loved so much. She was back to her old self, drawing, spending time with friends, and she just never stops smiling."  - Stephanie


We have been part of the St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School family for the past six years.  Our daughter has graduated, and is thriving in university.  Two of our boys are presently attending St. Dom’s, and we look forward to our youngest starting there next year.

Our children’s experience in high school is very different than our own.  Within this small school setting, they have truly exceled, academically, socially and in sport.  We have watched them grow into young adults in a setting where they receive tremendous support from teachers, administrators and their peers.  Many of the classes they attend have had 15 students or less, providing considerable individual attention typically only seen in a private school setting.  There have been a number of teachers very engaged in their academic success within the school, and in the case of our daughter, within the next phase of her education.  Their academic success has been both encouraged and celebrated. These same teachers have played an important role in their social successes, helping them come out of their shell, encouraging them within sports and school activities, broadening their perspectives, and helping them navigate the trials and tribulations of their teen years.

One great attribute of St. Dom’s that we feel is unique is the support we have seen between students.  This not only occurs between peers, but between students in different grades and across a broad spectrum of abilities.  From our experience, this has been very important to our children’s confidence, and also to the development of their sense of social responsibility.

We have also been fortunate enough to have our children participate in three different school exchanges while at St. Dom’s, with our children having had the opportunity to travel to both France and Spain, and with our family having the pleasure of hosting students from those countries.  At both a board and school level, these exchanges have been encouraged and well-supported.

In short, we believe St. Dom’s has played a vital role in our children’s development into mature, confident, socially-responsible young adults, well equipped to move into the next stages of their education and whatever path lies ahead of them.  We are extremely grateful for the excellent education they have received, as well as all of the other gifts they will be leaving St. Dom’s with.

With our gratitude, Gord and Alana Nielsen


We are always made to feel welcome anytime we enter the school.  Having the Principal, Mr. Strong, personally call to make sure our grade 9 son was adjusting well, was going that extra mile.  We made the right choice.


With St. Dominic's small classes, the students receive a lot of personal attention.  Their faith-based learning delivers a well-rounded education for students from many different backgrounds.


I enjoy the smaller classes and the family-like experience.  The relationships with students, teachers, and families is second to none